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Crystal Reiki Healing is a special healing center in Amherst, NH, offering reiki healing, crystal therapy, and meditation instruction. 

Reiki shares, and a low cost reiki clinic will be offered occasionally. 

Spiritual classes are coming, as well in our conference room.  Check out our meet-up page  on under Crystal Reiki Healing.

Offering over 30 years experience in the healing arts and meditation instruction.


Michele and Cyndee both offer a 60 minute reiki session for $65.  This is a healing modality with clothes on.  Reiki can speed up the healing of the body and reduce stress.  Intentions may also be manifested, such as motivation, prosperity, etc.  The hands touch or hover over particular energy centers in the body that facilitate healing. Aromatherapy may be used.   Cyndee  teaches meditation with reiki.  She can also do home appointments!

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Crystal Therapy


Michele offersr 60 minute crystal therapy sessions for $65.  This is also a healing modality with clothes on.   A chakra or energy center is evaluated for openness and direction, and then a stone or crystal is placed on the body.  Intentions may also be used. This is a deeply relaxing healing experience.

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Meditation Instruction


Meditation is a valuable skill.  It can be used for anxiety and stress and will help a reiki or crystal session last longer.  Three one hour sessions for $75 is recommended.  No need to change your religion or spiritual practice, everyone can use meditation for general healing and well being. Cyndee teaches visualization, mantra meditation, and mala manifestation, and Michele teaches mantra meditation and japa, mala repetition.

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